We recently caught up with multidisciplinary designer, Tasmia Khan, while exploring her home city of Dubai.  She shares with us two of her favorite destinations and tells us how the city continues to inspire her creative side.  

What was most unique about growing up in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and in that, it became a melting pot of cultures and allowed me to experience the artistic side of many countries and cities at once.  This inspired my creative passions and guided me not only in my career, but also my hobbies.

Your creativity moves across many design disciplines, interiors, graphics and events — what do you most enjoy most about creating?

Creating something that invokes pleasure and feeling in others brings me the most joy. Whether it be a home space, a temporary event in the wilderness, or even just taking a photograph, seeing the reaction of an onlooker brings me happiness and sparks something within me.


What hobbies also bring you joy? 

Weaving — it brings me peace, and it's something I know I can always come back to. It is such an old art form, but has been revived time and time again through the years. While I love to use natural fibers like wool, hemp, linen - I find myself experimenting with other materials and interlacing them into the textiles - ceramic beads and laser cut plastic shapes to name a few.  

Travel obviously not only inspires you, but is also one of your passions. From your latest journey to Dubai, tell us what inspired you, and will remain with you.

Dubai is known for all it's high-tech and futuristic design and architecture, but I've always been drawn to the rustic historic places within the city, like Al-Seef. However, the modern geological centers, such as Buhais Geological Park, has mind blowing and advanced architecture that houses museums that teach you about the past and how the geology of the place came to be.  This combination of old and new, you don’t see often these days, but it is also a theme I use throughout my designs. 

Tasmia Khan currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, manages event design for cloth & flame, enjoys camping and hiking with her two pups, Penny and Beau. You can follow her on IG here, and find her weavings here. She is shown here wearing the ARC OVERALL in umber, the ANGL ROMPER in midnite, and the ARC MAXI in golden.  

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