the story

UNE FORME apparel is minimal and timeless, with pieces that serve as blank canvases, allowing each person to interpret and personalize, while offering comfort and function for every day.

established in 2019, Une Forme was founded by Jennifer Wagner, a Los Angeles based interior designer whose career until then was steeped in modern residential architecture. with a desire to expand beyond spaces, she used her knowledge of sewing to design minimalist pieces, drawn from the geometry of the body and nature to create a brand that satisfies the need for modern simplicity in sustainable clothing.

the design

UNE FORME silhouettes are based on the geometry of the body and inspired by the elements of the earth. 

each collection, APEX, DISQ, ANGL, TRPZ, LINEA, and ARC, is defined by this shape.  with several style ways in each collection, they all share the cohesive design element for which they are named. 

offering a variety of maxis, minis, and jumpsuits, each is modernized with uniquely designed backs. the shapes, cocoon, column, flared, and inverted all have exaggerated necklines, cut-out elements, and each style offers the signature raw edge detail. 

the process

handmade in their Los Angeles studio, UNE FORME uses natural fiber fabrics, reclaimed fabrics when possible, and dyes locally with AZO-free, non-toxic dyes — all ways to keep our waterways safe.  

each piece is also produced on a per-order basis, so there is less waste in landfills, less energy used for production, and less space required for inventory. It also allows for more size inclusivity.

their in-house production means lower order minimums, shorter lead-times, better quality control, and more intimate relationships with their wholesale community.  

as a boutique brand, each UNE FORME order is unique, sustainable, and one of a kind.  

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