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Une Forme creates apparel that is minimal and timeless. their pieces serve as blank canvases for each person to interpret and personalize, giving them comfort and function for every day. 

established in 2019, Une Forme was founded by Jennifer Wagner, a Los Angeles based designer whose career until then was steeped in interior architecture.  she desired to expand upon creating modern spaces, and use her architectural eye to design pieces that would satisfy the need for modern simplicity in sustainable clothing.

the Une Forme name, meaning ‘a shape’ in french, was inspired by the collection’s simple silhouettes, and in french, to pay reverence to her maternal lineage from whom she learned to sew.

Une Forme pieces are slowmade in their Los Angeles studio, per order, with reclaimed materials made of natural fibers, and garment dyed with AZO non-toxic dyes. each piece is produced within two to three business days and packaged in recycled or recyclable materials, making each order unique, sustainable, and one of a kind. returns are in partnership with GREENLIST, offering peer-to-peer returns that help offset the carbon footprint of the return process.