the new forme of UNE FORME

the new forme of UNE FORME

Last year, a year into the pandemic, and three years after conceiving Une Forme, I noticed a shift, in the way I was feeling about everything --  relationships, environment, the future -- I wanted to do something to reconnect, to ground myself, my mind, and my work. 

I had learned to sew when I was twelve, from my mother. I watched her for years creating pants, tops, dresses and finally one day, she gave in, and allowed me to use her machine.

I started making wrap-around skirts and halter tops, and as I got older, I created from patterns, mixing and matching them. I loved creating one of a kind pieces. Sewing had always remained a hobby of mine, as I gravitated toward architecture and interiors.  But since I changed my focus, I finally felt it was time, to make Une Forme real -- I mean it was real, but make it me, and take everything I'd learned and step away from a seamstress, and start designing myself. 

I began pattern-making and draping. I worked with previous Une Forme patterns, altering them, and slowly began developing a series of pieces that were not entirely different from the previous collections, however, these pieces were me, developed from my curiosities and creative heart.

Throughout the last year, the pieces came alive -- first the shape, then the materials, the design details, and finally, the colors. The look and feel grew with every step. The styles became more modern, dynamic silhouettes, and the fabric, reclaimed cotton twill and denim, were perfect for everyday, which was a struggle with linen.  

From the fabric grew another detail, this collection's signature -- the raw edge, or as I like call it "urban lace", which gives the pieces a more stylized look. The addition of the leather tie, not only made them more functional, but also added another layer of design. 

Then finally the color.  For so long I had been afraid to be bold, but this was the moment -- while I still love the neutral colors, these rich colors -- golden and (spoiler alert!) upcoming umber played so well with the creamy oat and washed denim, I couldn't resist.  

While all this was coming together, it also gave me a chance to rethink production. With many local factories operating with high minimums and long lead-times, resulting in more waste, I wanted to approach this new collection with a more sustainable process. So I created an in-house studio and partnered with local seamstresses, allowing me to launch Per Order production for the future of Une Forme.  

So how long will orders take to ship? Still 1-3 business days of course, but the most exciting part of Per Order, besides minimizing waste and timelines, is that it also allows me to be more size inclusive by not having to hold stock in all sizes --  AND it also allows for more styles, more fabrics, more colors, without the waste!

With all this change, there is more! The shopping experience will be changing as well -- new styles, fabrics, and colors will be released each month, but with that comes the fate of the previous, last month's styles or colors may also disappear. So if you find something you love, don't wait!

Leaving behind the previous design concept was difficult for me, but I am so excited by the new styles, colors, and process. It's been exhilarating, and brought me so much joy to see this all coming together.  I hope they find a space in your heart, and perhaps even your closet, just as they have in mine.  <3

photos: silvia frigerio / models: soul lorain + astrea campbell-cobb / hair + makeup: makara baker


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